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My name is Gillian

I have been a freelance artist for 30+ years. I completed a Graphic Design course and a Fashion Design course. After doing these I had such a love for silk fabric that I started painting and framing up my silk paintings. I have had many exhibitions and my paintings have been sold worldwide and are hanging in beautiful homes around the world. My husband and I started a Framing & Printing business 12 years ago so this restricted me being able to paint like I use to as I am working full time. During covid business was really quiet so I started teaching myself digital art, which I love doing, as I can paint on the computer at work when things are quiet. As I had scanned a lot of my original paintings I have reworked them digitally which i can now enlarge these as large paintings on canvas. I now offer my art on canvas, paper and as wearable art as beautiful long scarves.

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